Hawaiian House Exteriors

If you’ve been to Hawaii, you know there’s nowhere on earth quite like it. To capture the serene energy of a Hawaiian home, our team had the enviable task of immersing themselves in that tell-tale tropical imagery and Polynesian style.


Whether it’s a vacation or a permanent residence, the chance to own in Hawaii is a unique opportunity. We knew this client felt passionately about having a Hawaiian home – and they felt that home had to be simply amazing.


As is the case with most Hawaiian properties, the client was planning a substantial financial investment with this build. They had extremely high standards for the quality of their architectural artwork, hence their commitment to 3D digital renderings.


Because the Hawaiian climate facilitates seemingly endless opportunities to entertain outdoors, we knew special attention had to be paid to patios or ‘lanais’ and other exterior spaces. Our team also paid careful attention to creating the authentic ambiance of Kauai, one of the quieter, distinctly less ‘touristy’ islands.


This Hawaiian home was our first visualization project with a tropical climate, and our first residential pool. Our team learned quickly how best to represent palm trees, and other tropical foliage and flowers. The plant life was actually one of the most intense challenges our creative team faced with these visualizations. The client wanted a number of tropical plants not available in 3D libraries, and so these elements had to be hand-crafted from scratch, along with the lava stones which decorated the pool area.


Our team achieved these results using AutoCAD, 3ds Max and V-Ray, along with Photoshop and Evermotion. Each creative team member confirmed being challenged outside their existing skill sets, particularly with the foliage and pool areas.


Our client loved the realistic lights in the pool and the ambiance we created in each scene, especially the evening sky. Successfully capturing the atmosphere of a tropical Hawaiian sunset made this series of 3D architectural renderings a huge win for our creative staff.