Roll House Entertainment Centre Visualization

The Roll House bowling alley in Antalya, Turkey, engaged our team to create renderings of their recreational game facility. They would be taking our 3D renderings forward into construction from the ground up.


This project included their eight 10-pin bowling lanes, seven billiards tables, their concession area, and four electronic dart boards. We needed to capture an intangible sense of fun and camaraderie in a space that felt sophisticated, yet nostalgic at the same time. Visuals had to be clean and precise, yet warm and inviting.


It was essential to this client that their renderings portray the finished real-world space as closely as possible. Right down to device screens and buttons, they needed 3D models that transported the viewer into the future of a finished build. Our team spent long hours fine-tuning CRT scorekeeping screens and perfecting the colours used in the bowling balls. Light sources, shapes, and reflections pushed our creative staff to new levels of attention to detail.


The stakeholders behind this commission needed to be able to communicate their vision in extreme detail to both their contractors and external business partners. The needed interior renderings that showcased their vision, along with actionable specifications required for decision-making.


A unique colour scheme and modern-retro fusion design kept our team continually re-evaluating every angle. The rounded elements of this project complemented by varying surfaces, all while infused with a sense of days gone by, challenged our creative staff in new ways. On a personal note, our creative staff particularly enjoyed the fun, playful element of these 3D digital renderings, allowing for a trip down memory lane for many.


Our team used go-to tools including AutoCAD, 3ds Max and V-Ray, as well as Photoshop. In a separate project, we also completed a detailed 3D rendering of the Roll House’s on-site restaurant. Visit our portfolio section to view that related artwork.