Health and Technology District

A new centre of medical technology is evolving in the booming lower mainland, just outside Vancouver. Anchored by the Surrey Memorial Hospital, the Health and Technology District is already serving a growing population in British Columbia’s second largest city. This medical hub will be more than just a cluster of buildings; the District is poised to become one of the most innovative medical service regions in Canada.


Our client, Lark Group, required a selection of sophisticated Extended Reality products to present proposed construction plans and upgrades as part of a pending revitalization for the Health and Technology District. Stambol was able to provide a Virtual Reality walkthrough, and a collection of 3D visualizations. We embraced the opportunity to apply our architectural expertise to such an impressive local project.


We have worked on VR walkthroughs before, but the Health and Technology District presented our first opportunity to include an outdoor component. Our design team responded to this challenge by incorporating realistic imagery of the existing setting with vivid foliage and inviting skies, rooted in the spectacular visualizations also created for the District.

Our 3D visualizations of the revitalised Health and Technology District were as fun to make as they are beautiful to see. Every detail, down to indoor fluorescent lighting and the meticulous (seemingly endless) window reflections were hand-crafted by our specialists. Don’t take our word for it though; feel free to pore over the images below for a sense of how much thoughtful attention went into each angle.


City Centre 1 afternoon rendering with people

City Centre 1


City Centre 2 second entrance angle rendering afternoon

City Centre 2


City Centre 3 across daytime visualization

City Centre 3


Health and Technology District wide angle render

Health and Technology District (City Centre 1 to 5)


While we’re proud of the architectural visualization work we did for Lark Group and the Health and Technology District, we’re also proud to watch the District itself employing a range of XR products. The associated service providers are using immersive technology to deliver services from brain fitness exercises and medical training simulations to facilitation of remote health care.


Being a part of this exciting development, dubbed an “Innovation Ecosystem”, was an amazing privilege for Stambol. We will definitely be pursuing more XR projects for medical clients as opportunities arise.


More Renderings from Health and Technology District


City Centre 3 across afternoon rendering shot

City Centre 3 upwards close up renderingCity Centre 3 retail close upCity Centre 3 night time rendering

HealthTech Innovation HUB – 360 Walkthrough


City Centre 1 also accommodates HealthTech Innovation HUB, which provides R&D and commercialization services to accelerate the growth and success of innovative healthcare technologies. Below is a 360 walk-through of the HUB space.

Aerial Visualization of The Health and Technology District


Health and Technology District Aerial VisualizationHealth and Technology District Aerial Visualization


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