Park Grand

In March 2017 we began work on an exciting array of Virtuality content for Nu Stream Marketing Inc. and their client, Grand Lake Developments. The project in question was the Park Grand townhomes planned for south Vancouver.




Once we received details about the architectural vision and interior design intent, we knew this was an ideal fit for Stambol. Bright, contemporary spaces, artfully crafted and furnished with an eye for elegant comfort; it was just the sort of project we love to tackle.


3D rendering of Park Grand living room


3D rendering of Park Grand kitchen and living rooms


3D rendering of Park Grand bathroom


Our work on the Park Grand collateral definitely flexed all our creative and technical muscles. First and foremost, we created a meticulously detailed VR walkthrough. This immersive virtual home is now the crown jewel in our portfolio – and in Nu Stream’s tool kit for promoting Park Grand.



From there, we added AR in the form of an architectural scale model that springs to life under a tablet or phone. We also created print collateral with an AR component turning two dimensions into three before a prospect’s eyes.


Augmented Reality floor plan on Park Grand print collateral


Park Grand Architectural Scale Model


Finally we added a 360-degree interactive walkthrough and beautifully life-like 3D renderings for Our renderings also appear in a thoughtfully designed printed brochure. Each piece of the puzzle complements the other and they work like a well-oiled machine to bring these homes to life for both the developer and prospective buyers.

Our work on Park Grand started with our coding and modeling expertise, but we developed new skills in project management and customer relations. Installing and branding equipment helped us perfect the full-service package for future clients. We are now ready to take VR and AR from start to finish for our clients, removing any burden from their shoulders.


Working through a pre-construction project in a zoning-sensitive area of Vancouver also brought unique challenges into focus that can inform and benefit future work here in Canada’s tech capital. Going forward, Stambol is in an excellent position to step in at the earliest stage of a new development and dramatically improve the chances of selling out before breaking ground.


More Renders


Park Grand exterior

Park Grand exterior

Park Grand exterior


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