Co-presented by the Turkish Canadian Society and SFU Woodward’s, the Vancouver Turkish Film Festival (VTFF) was founded in 2011 by film industry professionals seeking to showcase exemplary Turkish cinema to Vancouver audiences.


As Stambol team, we had the great privilege of sponsoring the festival and developing VTFF’s Augmented Reality App for the first time to bring festival posters, brochures and magazine ads to life. The app represented a leap forward in how the independent film community in Vancouver engages potential audiences in a completely novel and immersive way.

Augmented Reality App

VTFF Ap app icon

The users downloaded the VTFF AR app for FREE on iTunes App Store and Google Play.


When camera is aimed at VTFF posters located around Vancouver from transit shelters to university campuses the users were magically transported into a 3D movie theatre to watch trailers, get more information or buy tickets.


Below are the posters and the brochure cover used in conjunction with the app.

VTFF Posters

Brochure Cover
VTFF Georgia Straight Magazine Ad
Georgia Straight Ad
Poster (Standard)
Poster (Transit)

Bringing the VTFF’s posters and brochures to life this year was an exciting project we embraced with enthusiasm since our co-founders are from culturally rich, diversified country, Turkey. We haven’t seen local AR on the streets of Vancouver at this scale before, so this was a huge opportunity for Stambol team – and the Festival. The average person is still discovering how AR and VR can enhance our lives. The VTFF’s printed collateral is a great example of how AR has the potential to change the way we experience and interact with traditional media.


Augmented Reality, Interactive