Real Estate Consumer Experience with VR

Turn Consumer Engagement into Consumer Experience with VR

Savvy shoppers are adopting Virtual Reality (VR) at unprecedented rates for a huge range of products and services. The potential for unlimited product visualization in the user’s own home, on his or her schedule is just one key advantage to purchasing through a VR interface.


Advances in VR user experience (improved graphics and device comfort) combined with the highly accessible price point (around $15 USD!) of entry level viewers like Google’s Cardboard have opened the doors for VR consumer engagement. Now all you need is a smartphone, an app, and a viewer to hit the ground running into the world of VR.


Fresh Data from Real Consumers


Based on a study of 1,300 US residents conducted by Greenlight Insights in June 2016, consumers have shown an overwhelmingly positive response to VR. Here’s the data we think you’ll find most interesting.


  • 91% of consumers had a positive response to VR information
  • VR is an experience with an ‘emotional footprint’
  • 66% of consumers are interested in experiencing home and interior design through VR


We were also thrilled to see 49% of home renovations consumers showing interest in VR. Architectural Design will naturally fit this use case as well. More consumers than ever before are open to making a buying decision through VR – at price points ranging from a movie ticket to an international vacation experience.


If you think these consumer engagement numbers are high now, wait until this time next year. And the year after. New VR products are inching their way closer to market, closer to world ready to embrace an exciting experience that will transform how we live.


While some consumers may purchase higher end VR devices like the HTC Vive (around $799 USD) for gaming, these people will still be using their gear for other VR experiences.


According to the Greenlight study, the simple act of partnering with the VR industry inspires a feeling of connection to a brand. Consumers view VR as a forward-thinking initiative and respect the brands involved.


Emotionally Positive Sales Experiences


Envision a future in which your pre-construction sales happen virtually, almost exclusively through digital visualization. You’ll eliminate the need for a show home. You’ll create minimal, if any, hard copy collateral.


VR can enable your client to personalize his or her home decor, swapping fabric and finishing choices within their VR experience. How would a new paint change the room? Click-click – an instant transformation. What would the kitchen look like with marble instead of granite counters? Click – and done.


Your clients are busy and they’re affluent early adopters of the latest tech. Deliver an impressive and visually accurate presentation they can take home and conveniently browse in comfort. Create an experience that will energize your clients, not pressure them. Send prospects home with VR and they’ll return excited to buy, ready to close.


Ask Stambol how to incorporate VR into your sales toolkit.


Photo Credit: turgaygundogdu/Adobe Stock