Engaging your customers with VR

Engaging Your Customers with Real World Magic

Connecting to customers on an individual level is something every brand, product, and service needs to achieve to succeed and grow. Every marketer and brand manager dreams about getting into their customer’s head. There is literally no better way to accomplish this goal than the use of Virtual Reality.


The technological wizardry of VR is now accessible to the masses. By its very nature, VR can be an experience that captures the heart and mind of a customer. This is a unique time and place for VR marketing.


Your brand and/or product can be the first VR experience for many thousands – dare we say millions – of customers. The immersive nature of VR in and of itself creates an instant sense of wonder at virtual surroundings. By creating a virtual world for your customer, you get to be his or her introduction to an experience previously only dreamt of in science fiction.


The travel industry is a prime candidate for VR products. Sought-after destinations become deliriously affordable – not to mention instantaneous. Make dangerous or remote locations safe and easy to visit.


Why not combine VR with conventional travel products? Be the airline that offers in-flight VR like an up-close lava flow tour for passengers bound to Hawaii. Or a private all-access tour of the Louvre or the Vatican to European vacationers.


Imagine being the airport hotel that offers virtual tourist experiences to passengers on layovers. Who among us hasn’t been waylaid at an airport in a city we’d love to explore (New York, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo) but simply can’t risk venturing out and missing the next flight.


Your hotel could transform a glum and stressful exercise in killing time into one last cherished memory from the vacation of a lifetime.


Transport a fan to a live performance of music, theatre, or dance. Offer front row seats to the world’s most popular sporting events.


Are you a fashion designer? Show off your next season’s line in three dimensions with detailed attention to shape, colour, and texture.


Have you invented a new gadget? Share a demonstration that brings your product to life in three vivid dimensions.


Are you a retailer of home furnishings? Use Augmented Reality to virtually transport your products into your customers’ own homes, right before their eyes.


Can you see how VR will unlock endless potential for user experiences?


Are you imagining how VR can tell the story of your brand or business?


Ask Stambol Studios how you can use VR to amaze your customers and convert reluctant prospects into ardent cheerleaders.


Photo Credit: vectorfusionart/Adobe Stock