VR in Culture & Art

Virtual Culture & Art Appreciation

Fans of art and culture live for tours of prestigious museums and sophisticated galleries. These are elusive moments in our busy lives, made less accessible by limitations on travel time and resources.


Likewise, the physical space to create art is limited by evolving urban lifestyles which demand new ways of living – and thinking.


One of the many experiences we look forward to seeing evolve in the VR world is art and culture. These experiences have place both in the tourism industry and in the education sector, one of many areas VR is set to take off in terms of user engagement.


The Visual Power of VR


What most art and Virtual Reality have in common is reliance on the visual element. It seems a natural progression for art appreciation to take place in VR, taking advantage of the eyes’ connection to the brain in both cases.


On a pragmatic note, consider the cost of travelling to Paris to walk through the Louvre. What would the comparable cost be of renting or borrowing a VR device at a public library to achieve a virtual visit?


Creating Virtual Art


As VR expands into more and more households, the virtual realm itself becomes a canvas. Programs already exist (see Tilt Brush below) to allow users to make three-dimensional art inside a virtual world.


It sounds fancy – and it is, requiring the high-end HTC Vive. But you have to experience making virtual art to fully understand how powerful it can be. The feeling is akin to channelling raw creativity.



The Tactile Wish List


Virtual Reality gloves are in development that will soon enable users to experience a lifelike sensation while immersed in an experience. What does this mean for art and culture?


Imagine being able to touch The Crown Jewels instead of staring at them behind an armed glass case. Would you reach out and touch the texture of a Monet or a Van Gogh if you could?


Feeling Inspired?


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Photo Credit: thruer/Adobe Stock