VR for Real Estate Marketing

Hyper-realistic Virtual Reality Changing Real Estate Presales

Overhead goes down and the ‘wow-factor’ goes up with virtual show homes


VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA – November 28, 2016 – The booming Virtual Reality (VR) market is reaching into new places every day. Devices ranging from the Google Cardboard to the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive have launched VR into the forefront of mainstream tech culture.


Any field of work that could benefit from a virtual location can add VR to their teaching, communications, and marketing toolkit. From on-site access to an online app, businesses can incorporate VR quickly and cost-effectively.


Real Estate has unique costs and challenges addressed by VR in new and exciting ways.


We’ve all seen show homes and sales centres designed to facilitate pre-completion or pre-construction home sales. They have artfully crafted scale models and beautiful décor.


Many sales centres create a novel feeling of being on a movie set. While show homes provide an immaculate window into your dream future. They can be impressive, but rarely cost-effective.


Pre-sales centres face physical operational issues and immovable limitations:


  • Construction costs for the centre alone ($200K – $1MM+)
  • Renting (often for years) incurs up-front renovation cost as well
  • Multi-year projects often change, prompting further renovations
  • Location and hours restricts access to prospective buyers
  • Multiple presentation centers multiply the cost
  • Architectural scale models show only the immediate exterior area
  • Variations in flooring, fabrics and finishes can only be imagined




Stambol Studios is tackling the pain points above for real estate developers and architectural firms with a thoughtful blend of engineering and art. CEO Dogu Taskiran and CCO Mehmet Taskiran have combined their talents to co-found this cutting-edge firm.

“Stambol Studios is more than just another developer jumping into the VR space. Our vision is to materialize VR’s potential through amazing experiences for companies who never thought of using VR.” says Dogu Taskiran.

“Mehmet and I wanted to create a business that merged our two areas of expertise, my software engineering and his talent as an artist. We named our venture after a city we love, Istanbul.”

The expertise Taskiran refers to comes from combined decades in gaming and graphics roles. Both leadership and staff at Stambol are experts in their respective fields.

“Although we started the core of our business with virtual home viewing and customization, Stambol is now working with industry and anyone needing brand engagement strategies. We create realistic and unforgettable experiences that evoke emotion. Our VR experiences showcase products and tell stories. We can offer windows into inaccessible realms – from mega machines to nanotechnology.”

So, what does VR look like for real estate and architecture? The experts at Stambol have been hard at work outside the development sandbox, creating videos that showcase their work for viewers not yet hooked up to a VR device.


Check them out on Facebook (and more social media below) or get the Stambol App for every major VR platform. Download from the Google Play Store, App Store, Gear VR, Oculus Store and Viveport.


About Stambol Studios:


Stambol is a Virtual Reality studio specializing in hyper-realistic immersive experiences. We employ a team of dedicated artists, designers and engineers with a proven track record of success. Our engineers have developed award-winning games at Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, and built core graphics technologies at Microsoft. Our artists and designers have collaborated with leaders in architecture, real estate development, and construction industries.


We create stunning, inspiring, and memorable virtual experiences. Starting with our incredibly real architectural renderings, 3D illustrations, models, and animations, Stambol has developed expertise in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) that can service any need for visual communication. We provide the best experience for our clients by blurring the boundaries between art and engineering.


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