Stambol at Panel Discussion at UBC BizTech Event

Stambol Presents at UBC BizTech VR/AR Showcase

At the Business Week Kick-off event last Tuesday September 12, we had the pleasure of speaking to and meeting with UBC’s most engaged and enthusiastic students. Our CEO, Dogu Taskiran, joined a panel discussing Vancouver’s VR industry. It was a lively exchange highlighting just how much opportunity our region provides to start-ups and technology companies.


Stambol at UBC BizTech Panel Discussion


Vancouver is unique in terms of skilled knowledge workers, forward-thinking regional ideology, and a highly liveable environment that attracts attention from around the world. In this setting, both new technology and new business have room to thrive, explore, and experiment.


Although we exhibited Stambol’s own work in VR & AR, the solutions we’ve created for our clients are examples of how this technology can benefit businesses in general.


Stambol showcasing VR & Ar Solutions


We demonstrated projects ranging from high-end architecture to a local independent film festival, the VTFF. We were excited to demonstrate – simply with our own portfolio – how incredibly diverse Virtuality solutions can be, tailored to industries and use cases most people would still never consider.


Stambol showing AR Solution

Stambol showing VR Solution


Virtuality technology is revolutionizing traditional industries as the seeds of the 2016 VR boom continue to germinate. Early adopters (and to us, they still qualify as such) are eager to apply immersive and virtual solutions to their own work.


Big thanks from the whole Stambol team to UBC BizTech’s organizers for providing the opportunity to connect with VR & AR’s future innovators. We hope a brief glimpse into the future inspired just a few budding coders, developers, designers, and artists.