Mature student using virtual reality headset in public library

3 Reasons VR at Your Local Library is Awesome

We consider it a sign of the times to see VR popping up at community libraries. Providing public access to immersive experiences acknowledges what we already know – that Extended Reality is a valuable learning tool. And VR’s presence at the library does more than simply legitimize the tech.


Immersive technology may just be a mechanism of revitalizing public libraries as part of their institutional transition from hard copy collections to multimedia learning hubs.


Democratization of technology is hugely important to us here at Stambol, so we want to draw your attention to three key benefits of providing free public access to VR.


1. VR will Reach More Users


This seems obvious, but it’s worth reminding our readers that most of the public still doesn’t have access to a high quality VR system. The average user who has tried VR has interacted with an economical smartphone-powered device, possibly dismissing the technology as a fad. Word of mouth is critical for the evolution of the industry, so we need that dialogue to transition away from novelty and towards practicality.


2. Unlikely Candidates will Try VR


Computer usage has become a mainstay of public library services and has converted many reluctant patrons into search gurus and web aficionados. Access to VR gear may well have the same effect on members of the public not likely to seek out a VR experience let alone purchase and regularly use hardware of any quality.


3. More Educational Experiences will be Developed


To help the XR industry break out of the perception that it’s just another vehicle for video games, we need more and more experiences that educate, communicate, inspire, as well as entertain. As VR enthusiasm spreads through more of our population, demand for a broad range of immersive products will increase, causing development studios to meet demand.


Stambol has already created a variety of practical experiences including pre-construction walkthroughs and film festival marketing. Browse our portfolio to see a varied sampling of real world VR and 3D visualizations.


Photo Credit: WavebreakmediaMicro / Adobe Stock