Crowd at Stambol Studios Booth at BuildEx Vancouver 2018

Stambol at BuildEx Vancouver 2018

Our team was once again pleased to participate in BuildEx, Western Canada’s largest tradeshow and conference for building related industries. We joined over 600 exhibitors in Vancouver showcasing products for professionals from real estate, construction, architecture, interior design, property management, and renovation.


Stambol Studios CEO Dogu Taskiran talks with freelance journalist Evan Duggan

Stambol Studios CEO Dogu Taskiran talks with freelance journalist Evan Duggan


Last year, we introduced large numbers of BuildEx attendees to the world of VR for the built environment. Now that these industries have seen relevant VR and AR in action, our conversations have evolved accordingly. Our customer base is seeing growing examples (including our own work) that illustrate how immersive technology can provide solutions for planning and managing building projects. VR is fast becoming an industry standard tool for developers that want to lead in their markets.


Couple of visitors are trying virtual reality at BuildEx Vancouver

BuildEx attendees are trying our condo walkthrough experience in Virtual Reality


This hugely important event is also a great opportunity for the Stambol team to get a sense of the scope of services offered to building professionals, helping us all create the cities of the future. From reinventing roofing to eco-friendly interiors, we got a firsthand look at the many ways the buildings are evolving for the better. Watching this vibrant, bustling event unfold all around us was an exciting privilege – one we plan to repeat again next year!


BuildEx Attendees at Stambol Studios Booth trying virtual and augmented reality experience