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Do You Have What It Takes? A Checklist for Your VR Agency

Are you considering an Extended Reality component for your next marketing campaign? From real estate sales and architectural presentations to industrial prototypes and corporate branding, VR and AR experiences are an increasingly effective method of communicating and establishing lasting relationships.


Perhaps you’ve held off on making any inquiries because you’re daunted by the potential scope of your role in creating a virtual world. Or maybe it’s hard to be confident that someone outside your office will do justice to your product or project? Not to worry, your VR agency does the heavy lifting – and when you choose the right VR partner, your immersive experience will be honed to perfection.


Because we understand that it can be hard to take those first few steps and get your feet wet in XR, we’ve put together a point-by-point checklist relevant for most B2B client/agency relationships.


Summary Statement


When you pitch to prospects or investors, what is your nutshell narrative? You’ve probably already crafted a paragraph (or five) outlining your innovations, benefits, objectives, advantages, and so on. (If you don’t have this text ready, take some time to draft it. You’ll thank us later.) Share this information with your agency as early as possible, not only to establish how your agency’s team understands you, your project, and your brand, but to ensure you’re choosing the right partner in the first place.


Imagery Portfolio


As above, you’ve likely already assembled key graphics, go-to hero shots, and a comprehensive gallery of every angle, finish, option, size, and any variation of your product. Your VR team will want all relevant graphics – the more the merrier. Be sure to point out your favourites and the images that you use most in your other promotions.


Although both VR and AR will remove quite a lot of data from larger format images, the highest resolution you can provide is always best. Putting pixels back in looks terrible every time, so regardless of whatever hassle may be involved, always send your best quality (usually largest) graphics files.


Specifications and Materials List


Information about what your project is made of, how large or small it is, and how it functions or operates might seem irrelevant when you’re talking to most marketing firms. Keep in mind that a VR partner is creating an experience that will look and feel real – and the quality of that experience is limited only by the data and imagery provided by the client.


Where does the sun rise and set outside your building? What temperature does your prototype reach while in operation? Where in the world are your products used? Answers to questions most marketers won’t need to ask are still relevant to VR professionals committed to crafting a lifelike digital world.


Collateral Collection


Whether you have in-house marketing and communications staff or you outsource your collateral to an agency, you will already have printed and digital material describing and advertising your product. Share all of this with your VR team to ensure the continuity you want – and need – within any immersive experience supporting your campaign.


Graphic designers and marketing managers work tirelessly to perfect your web site, brochure, packaging, booklet, or any other material needed to promote your product. Take those high end pieces of collateral and make sure they deliver even more value by educating the next partner in the promotional chain.


Social Media and Online Relationships


Sharing your marketing material helps your VR agency get a sense for the look and feel your immersive experience should inhabit. But any VR team worth their salt will be supporting you after delivery. Make sure your VR agency has all your social media profile information so they can continue supporting your project over its lifespan. The best VR teams are extremely proud of their work and will be more than happy to share, like, retweet, comment, and interact with you in all possible ways to maximize the exposure for your business and the XR products you’ve created together.


Stambol experts have the experience and detail-oriented dispositions to walk you through this list and get you started on the right foot. And we would love to answer your questions.


Photo Credit: .shock / Adobe Stock