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The Future of AR/VR Headset Design is Hybrid

Have you already taken a side when it comes to XR wearables? Whether you prefer AR glasses or VR headsets likely depends on the application you need. But wouldn’t it be great to have a device that could perform as both? As XR tech advances, we think crossovers will start popping up around the world.


A Beijing startup called AntVR recently rocketed past its Kickstarter goal for an AR/VR visor. Their product, the Mix, uses tinted lenses to toggle between real world overlay and full immersion. It’s an exciting prospect. But rather than digging into the tech (or the controversy surrounding their name, their marketing, and a certain Marvel character) we’re looking at what this means for how XR devices are developed and sold.


The existence of crossover products will present new dynamics around XR device usage and ownership. Similar to commercial use of personal smartphones – whether inside XR devices or utilizing purpose-built enterprise apps – a product that can move seamlessly between workplace and home environments has the potential to transform the way we live. When our smartphones learned to do more than manage messages, they transcended the role of communication device and grew to be indispensable.


An Extended Reality wearable that could come home with you like a company car means that XR will become more woven into our daily lives. We talk about virtual lifestyle often on the Stambol blog, not just because we know XR is the future, but because we care about the societal impact of our industry. So how does an AR/VR headset make our lives better?


Skip Your Commute


Possibly the best benefit of an XR crossover is that working remotely becomes even more viable. Now we’re not suggesting that employees be ‘on’ around the clock. But we do think it’s environmentally and emotionally healthy to skip lengthy commutes when possible. Where would you live if your location and career genuinely weren’t tied to one another?


Take a Vacation at Work


Wearables that shift from practical to personal can take you from a stressful industrial maintenance task to a walk on a tropical beach. Having the ability to relax and weave into your day as needed could both improve productivity and enhance well being.


Consolidate Device Expenses


When you only need one device for work and play, your personal budget improves, ideally along with the manufacturer’s resources. And software developed for a single environment takes the burden off compatibility, freeing up engineering resources to make functionality and usability the top priority.


We love talking about all things XR at Stambol. Reach out with your questions about Extended Reality and find out how this technology can affect your business in unexpected ways.


Image Credit: Tran / Adobe Stock