architectural visualization of a street view with before and after affect

The Importance of 3D Assets in Your Virtual Catalog

How do you build a world? What does it take to create a believable environment full of objects, surfaces, textures, and light sources?


From a stone paper weight or a glass wine bottle to the fine embossing on wallpaper or the grain of hardwood floors, there is an endless volume of subtle visual information everywhere we look.


Close your eyes and imagine what you’d need to do to create a digital replica of the room you’re in. And then the building, followed by the street outside, and so on. If the prospect is intimidating, you now have an idea of the magnitude of the tasks faced by Virtual and Augmented Reality studios.


Health and Technology District wide angle render


Luckily for those of us in the Extended Reality world, few things today are built entirely from scratch. And XR content is no exception.


While photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and 3D modeling programs are all viable options for generating digital replicas of real world objects, each process is time-consuming and potentially expensive. So creating a new 3D model for everything inside every virtual environment you build is not realistic.


Like traditional graphic designers, immersive content creators must draw on a library of assets to populate worlds that need to spring to life (almost) overnight. Similarly, the volume of 3D content available to designers and developers is varied in quality and pricing.


Over time, quality XR studios build extensive collections of sophisticated digital assets. When starting a new project, an established studio is able to offer a solid foundation of ready-to-use imagery. The stock assets can be customized with 3D software. And from there, the immersive experience is enhanced with original custom-created 3D content as needed. The end product is perfectly unique, despite having started with some pre-rendered building blocks.



Predator Ridge Resorts Affinity Homes Eldorado Theme 3D Interior Rendering - Bedroom


To ensure your project looks and feels as close to real as possible, you need to work with immersive content specialists who already have this extensive library of high-end digital assets. You’ll want developers who possess both the skill to craft original digital replicas of your key objects, alongside a 3D catalog with all the furniture, foliage, textiles, terrain, and much more that is essential to rebuilding the real world inside a headset.


Stambol creators have the highest standards for asset quality, while still tailoring every project down to the smallest detail. Take a look at our portfolio for a sampling of our finished products.