Bet on the Web Podcast with Stambol CEO Dogu Taskiran

Web AR + VR = XR, an Ionic Podcast with Dogu Taskiran

Our CEO, Dogu Taskiran joined Bet on the Web Podcast with Ionic to discuss the evolution of AR and VR on the web.


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In short, AR/VR support on the web is still evolving, but now is a great time to give it a try. Companies are building serious app experiences today, especially in the retail/e-commerce space.


Show Notes:


  • Google and others are investing serious resources into WebVR. Standardization is actively evolving.


  • Overhead, performance concerns? New devices are coming out to the market, that are fast and enabled with VR & AR. We don’t expect it to be used to build games but integrated applications such as e-commerce/travel apps are being built today.


  • “We need to tap into the expertise to spread the use of the VR/AR. Web development community is 30 times larger than the native developers, so the talent is there!”


  • This technology becomes the most valuable when it is integrated within various business domains. A try-before-you-buy is going to be so invaluable. Dogu predicts that we’ll see more and more of those.