Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest: A Practical Look

Media buzz about the new Oculus product, the Quest headset, has us equally excited here at Stambol. When we used the word ‘practical’ in the title of this post, it was by no means meant to be a buzzkill.


What we do mean is that we’re always looking for workplace and industry-related applications for new XR hardware. But isn’t the Oculus Quest something purpose-built for VR games? Yes, but while we love games of all shapes and sizes – via spatial computing and beyond – we know the full potential of our industry can only be realized through broader public consumption.



This headset incorporates audio and doesn’t require external sensors. The handheld controllers are enabled with haptics to allow you to feel what you touch.


What really makes the Quest a game-changer is that it achieves 6DoF without the use a smartphone. Although it requires a smartphone during setup, there is no insertion of the phone required to operate the headset. Yet it enables a full range of interactive movement. Quest really is an all-in-one-VR system.


Priced at $399 USD for the 64GB model and $499 for the 128GB version, Oculus seems to be doing their best to make a high-end product available to the largest number of consumers.


So, with that combination of quality and accessibility in mind, here are the top 3 ways we see the Oculus Quest meeting the needs of public sector, education, and business users.


Vivid Training Simulations


Any industry currently incorporating VR into training practices could be looking at the Oculus Quest as a hardware option. From simulated surgeries to tactical applications for law enforcement, a visually engaging product is going to be as impressive for training purposes as it is for games.


Lively Interactive History


What teacher isn’t looking for ways to draw reluctant stragglers into a classroom discussion? Educators that can literally walk students through an ancient Egyptian construction site or visit a renaissance art studio will undoubtedly find a graphics-rich VR experience to be invaluable.


Breathtaking Property Tours


If you’ve visited the Stambol blog before, you know we specialize in immersive content for architectural and real estate clients. Naturally, property tours and BIM visualizations are the primary lens through which we evaluate any new wearable. From what we’ve seen of the Oculus Quest, its capacity to bring stunning resorts and masterful structures to life is extremely promising.


Stambol visionaries love imagining how new XR wearables (and spatial computing advancements in general) have the capacity to help us learn, grow, and live better. Ask us how the latest and greatest in XR can improve your business.


Image Credit: Oculus Quest