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3 Reasons to Engage a Technology Partner

How was 2020 for your business? It’s not a popular question, we know. It’s been difficult, strange, or both for just about everyone. So, a concept that seems kind of abstract – like working with a Technology Partner – can feel like something you should pass over. On the contrary, now is the exact right time to look at transforming your business.


As most industries around the world continue recovering from pandemic-related economic hardship, we all still operate with expectations that businesses aren’t running at full speed. Use this time accordingly! And if your next reaction is to think that you’ve missed the boat or that the window of adjustment has closed, we disagree.


Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. But the sooner you get started, the faster you’ll see results. And the better you’ll feel about the future of your business.


So, what are our 3 reasons to start working with a Technology Partner? Admittedly, it’s more complicated than three statements, but for the purposes of answering quickly, here are our short and long answers.


1. You have questions about change


Did you watch the world change in 2020 and wonder, “Am I going to be affected too?” The hard truth for all of us is that the answer to this question is “yes” regardless of your industry or market.


If your business was deemed essential or stayed afloat after your region’s lockdown regardless, you’ve had to make changes. So did your customers. The next few years will continue to see aftershocks related to social and political change, health and safety standards, and economic fallout.


Life is different and we’re using technology in entirely new ways to meet current and future needs. If you’re not sure what to implement and how, that’s where a Technology Partner can step in and help with the process.


2. It’s not the right time to hire


You know there are new projects and tasks requiring skill areas your team doesn’t currently posses. But it’s not the right time to hire. You don’t have the time or resources to devote to a job search. You’re not even sure if you can properly evaluate candidates for a job (or jobs plural) for which you’re still wrapping your mind around the scope.


If the prospect of bringing on a new team member that you’d have to train, integrate, manage, and evaluate is too exhausting to really consider, a Technology Partner may be your best alternative. Particularly if not hiring means doing nothing.


3. You feel like you’re falling behind


Have you seen your competitors in the news with sleek, impressive announcements? And not only are you worried that your business can and will suffer, you have no idea what you’re going to do in order to adapt and catch up.


It’s a frustrating position to be in; working hard to cultivate a career that puts you in a leadership role only to feel as though you’ve lost touch with the latest innovations related to front-line, hands-on work.


If you’re looking for something to give you, and your business, an edge, yet it feels painfully elusive, a Technology Partner could be exactly what you need to shake things up.


How a Technology Partner Helps


The first thing that technology experts can do for your business is to bring in fresh eyes backed by experience. For the same reason game companies execute multiple levels of testing and publishers perform repeated proofreading and fact-checking stages, you need an external evaluation from time to time to catch the problems you’re too close to see. In turn, you’ll also get solutions you might never have considered.


If you’re sitting at your desk, considering implementation of a new process or piece of technology and it feels like you’re out of your depth, don’t panic. Instead, stay laser-focused on what you do best and let technology experts do what they do best. We think the result is a well-rounded approach that sets businesses up for success.


Infographic that Describes Six Essential Steps To Drive Digital Transformation Success In Enterprise

Digital Transformation Strategy for a New Decade


Services Technology Partners can Offer


Is there a nagging question at the back of your mind? Something that sounds like, “Meh, I think I can do this myself. Why would I bring in some kind of tech consultant?”


The right Technology Partner can help you identify issues you hadn’t seen and solve problems you thought you had to live with. The best part of the relationship is that you can take advantage of advanced skills when and how you need them. It can be a short-term relationship or something you do annually. Think of it as bespoke tech expertise on your terms.


So here are just a few things a Technology Partner can bring to the table:


  • Objectively evaluate strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities


Whether you know it or not, you’re too close to your business. Remember the testers and proofreaders we mentioned above? Think of a Technology Partner in the same light. If you retain someone to help you choose the right path, informed and prepared, you save yourself the hassle of clean-up and repairs down the road.


  • Liaise with hardware and software providers as experts


Would you ever consider bringing the automotive enthusiast in your family to the mechanic when your car needs work? If that sounds sensible, think about doing it with your business’s software and hardware needs. You’ll be more confident that you’re getting the right product, for the right job, at the right price.


  • Set up or review marketing and analytics campaigns


Using an inefficient or ineffective digital marketing strategy is one of the costliest mistakes to make these days. Should you advertise on social media or through browsers? Or both? Do you need a dedicated person monitoring a PPC campaign? Better still, how many campaigns should you be running? Using any amount of time incorrectly interpreting web analytics and spending ad digital dollars, as a result, can (and will continue to be) a lynchpin decision that tanks a company. We can’t stress this enough, get an expert on your side here.


  • Recommend next steps and long-term goals


You might be thinking, “Woah, hang on, I set my own goals, on my own timeline.” And we agree that you should stay in the driver’s seat when it comes to your business. But a Technology Partner can also bring that objectivity we mentioned above to a report that can guide your hand. Get help identifying what you CAN realistically achieve in relation to what you WANT – and that will end up looking more like success for everyone.


Are You Ready for a Technology Partner?


Like just about any new endeavor, you’ll never feel 100% ready to start. One of the trickiest obstacles to overcome when discussing a big change is that coin flip moment, will I or won’t I?


Knowing that you need to dig in and start a business transformation process is the first step. Choosing a Technology Partner is the second. Of course, you could tackle incorporation of new technology on your own. You could also climb Mount Everest by yourself. But you probably shouldn’t do either.


An Experienced Technology Partner


The Stambol team brings a wealth of technology knowledge and business experience to our clients. We draw on decades of engineering and art expertise to develop solutions unlike any other technology company. We are confident you’ll appreciate our unique fingerprint on any and all strategies we create.


We’ve worked with a range of clients from architects and developers to health care and entertainment companies. And we are always looking for new industries in which to form partnerships. Because we believe technology has a place in every part of human life, to educate as well as enrich.


Ask us how the Stambol team of visionaries can help reimagine the way you work, to kickstart a transformation that will bring you into the future, thriving and stable.


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