Girl making a wish by seeing a shooting star at bedtime night

Tech That Makes Wishes Come True

“Time travel is the coolest thing in the world. I wish it was real.”


Karen Gillan, aka Amy Pond


Picture yourself at a yard sale or a vintage fair, walking past the exact same stuffed bear you loved as a child. A sudden pang of need compels you to pick up the toy – something you for which you feel an instantly powerful connection. You know it isn’t your bear, but the feeling is the same.


That bear has the power to magically transport you through rose-coloured glasses to moments of pure happiness. Your old bedroom on a warm summer night. Your back yard after the first snow. That awesome blanket fort your mom let you keep in the living room overnight when you were five. Whatever images you conjure when you summon those memories, you’ll close your eyes to enjoy them, making them last as long as you can.


Until Virtual Reality, the human imagination was the only mechanism for experiencing a moment other than the one you’re in.


If you wanted to visit Easter Island or Machu Picchu, you’d have to empty your bank account (for most of us), travel for days, and finally reach a surreal remote location. In cases of walking on the moon, a microscopic few would ever get the chance. And ideas like an alien world or another time were, and obviously still are, impossible. VR can do all of the above.



There are growing applications and purposes for experiencing VR and AR, not the least of which is the chance to escape and relax or revitalize your mind. VR experiences enable travel and adventure, forging emotional connections that feel real. AR threads magic into our world adding wonder to the everyday. If any of that sounds strange, ask yourself if you think a stuffed bear has power over anyone, anywhere, at any time.


VR and other Virtualities have evolved into tech that makes wishes come true. We’ve gained the ability to make the impossible happen.


The Stambol team is made of dreamers and rebels, capable of translating imagined worlds to real experiences. If you don’t think it can be done, ask us to make you a believer.


Photo Credit: Yuganov Konstantin / Shutterstock