Couple using augmented reality to shop for furniture for their home office

AR for Business in a Contactless New World

In today’s pandemic-wracked world, we need to navigate our daily lives without touching anything that isn’t essential. We need to interact with as few people as possible, staying as far away as we can. And it’s harder than any of us ever imagined. Entrepreneurs and business owners are bearing a huge load in solving these problems. So, if you’re persevering and adapting to this challenge, we want you to consider AR for Business as one of the newest and most powerful tools in your toolkit.


To make all your Covid-19 adaptations work, you need to balance process changes and leasehold improvements for today with solutions you want to keep down the road. Some changes – like floor decals and overhead signage – are hopefully temporary. But some changes could be here to stay – like maximum occupant capacities and product handling restrictions.


Where do you spend your upgrade dollars to ensure the best results for the long term?


What transformation can you undertake today that will both help you recover and continue to grow?


Glasses Coming to AR for Business


AR glasses are one of the reasons we talk about long term investment in AR. This is a product we know will change our lives both at home and at work. In some cases, the same pair of glasses can take you from workplace tasks to recreation at home.


The Apple Glass is the rumored upcoming consumer product from Apple that could be available as early as the last quarter of 2020. We believe it is intended to be a companion to existing Apple products, but if it takes off, it could soon replace iPhones as a go-to personal computing device.



And for business, we still love the Microsoft HoloLens for AR tasks in the workplace. Anyone afraid of robots taking over the world of manufacturing could have those fears assuaged with images of this impressive headset/glasses hybrid that makes wears look like a cyborg while working.



Are you ready to meet customers where they are when that space is inside a pair of smartglasses?


Are you poised to reap the production and process benefits of advanced AR technology?


Re-opening Storefronts and Offices with AR


The important variable to keep in mind with Augmented Reality is that it can still be achieved with a smartphone or tablet alone. So, AR is a technology tool already in our hands, ready to go, whether you want to invest in hardware or not.


Businesses that are struggling to transform physical storefronts and offices into social distance-friendly operations can use AR for Business in more ways than you might imagine. All you need is a technology partner to assist with app development, content libraries, and any physical installations like sensors or beacons.


For storefronts, signage could help draw customers when it includes benefits like contactless product demos and virtual customer service. But AR can also help you guarantee minimum product handling behind the scenes too. When you get AR products tailored to your business needs, you’ll be able to pass on that customized service and mitigate the lack of a personal touch going forward.


AR Marketing & Retailers


Are you worried about losing customers because they’re forced to stand in a gap-filled line just for the privilege of entering your store? What if you could engage them while they wait? And get them a few steps closer to being ready to buy?


Not only is location-based AR an opportunity to entertain prospective buyers forced to wait in line, but it’s a sales tool that can help your storefront work harder and faster.


Offer your customers branded AR filters to play with while they wait. Provide answers to questions about product specs. And let them try-before-they-buy without having to set foot in your store. By helping your customers use their waiting time wisely, you deliver better service – and reduce their time spent inside your walls.


And don’t forget that AR for Business still has the wow factor for most consumers. It’s a solution that injects a little fun into what could otherwise be joyless or even nerve-wracking transactions.


AR Product Capture


Part of what makes AR for Business so powerful is that it can help your team with daily tasks behind the scenes. When you create or import new products that need to be photographed, measured, and documented, AR can accelerate the process while limited handling on the part of your staff.


AR 3D product photography and modeling will transform your catalog into a powerful sales and marketing tool that customers can access from home as well. We’ve often talked about how retailers can benefit from AR as a sales and marketing tool, but this tech can do so much more.


Our current reality is that we want everyone to touch as little as possible – staff as well as customers. When you can grow your catalog, share, and promote, all without having a team member or prospect handle goods, you’ve overcome a huge barrier to meeting government regulations and consumer expectations.


AR for Business & Real Estate


The world of sales, especially in Real Estate, relies on interpersonal relationships and attention to detail. If you work in this field, you’re probably panicking a little about how you’re going to achieve your current and future goals when approaching people is a problem, and handshakes are utterly forbidden.


The good news is that eCommerce and web-based customer service have paved the way for doing business without in-person contact. Your customers have already been heavily trained to conduct business electronically. So, the first step in transforming your Real Estate business is probably reframing the way you look at pursuing leads and developing relationships.


At Stambol, we’ve developed tools with Real Estate professionals in mind, including our AR Portal and AR-enabled marketing collateral. These are powerful tools that allow you to engage prospects anywhere in the world, giving them access to highly detailed images and specifications, along with your personal messaging.



AR Studio with Experienced Staff


It’s a scary time to be making changes and forming new partnerships. Budgets are tight. Customers are wary. Employees are scared. But here at Stambol, we benefit from a combination of eternal optimism and decades of proven technology expertise.


We’re the technology partner that can bring you sophisticated computer engineering and programming along with unmatched visual artistry. Ask one of our experts how AR can solve today’s problems and secure tomorrow’s success. We are here to answer all your questions with no obligation whatsoever.


Feature Image Credit: Gorodenkoff / Adobe Stock