Young female looking at a condo interior with virtual reality headset

5 Signs Your Property Marketing Needs VR

Any business struggles with balancing marketing investments and their returns in the form of sales. Property development is certainly no different. We know how you feel. Every marketing dollar has to bring in a prospect – the more qualified, the better.


In the era of online marketing and digital billboards, the struggle is more real than ever before. Ads get blocked or ignored. Billboard art flicks on to the next image in mere seconds. All while print ads get thrown in the recycling before the publication is even opened. Do these frustrations sound familiar?


1. Your show home or preview centre overhead is draining you dry


We know your expenses for a show suite are many. From rent and staff to furnishing changes and buzz-worthy events, every cent you put into a preview needs to create the illusion of quality and luxury before those things become reality. See what we did there? Virtual Reality can transport prospects with none of those costly frills. Need a décor correction? Click, click, and done. Want to reach prospects overseas? How about accommodating busy schedules with round the clock service? VR marketing can make your presentation both impactful and mobile, reaching anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Decor change feature in Virtual Reality


2. Print branding that once worked (or seemed to) now fall flat


Real Estate newspapers and magazines are still doing a great job of presenting attractive visuals. The problem is that we now live in a message-saturated world and anything that lands on the doorstep or in the mailbox – however beautiful – isn’t going to compete with smartphones and Netflix. VR and AR property marketing can work with your prospects’ phones. All it takes is an economical cardboard viewer to place a client inside your building before you’ve even broken ground.


3. Online brand advertising is increasingly complicated to track


If you love numbers and statistics, you may have already become addicted to following your traffic metrics and conversion rates. It’s exciting to make that connection between an ad you placed on Facebook and the latest additions to your mailing list. But how do you do this with branding? Impressions? All you know is that an image or video appeared in front of eyeballs.


A VR walkthrough or 360 degree visualization pulls prospects away from whatever else they’re doing or watching. The immersive nature of VR in particular has an effect you can rely on to communicate your branding and product quality.


4. Your prospects don’t seem to ‘get it’ from your best renderings


The days of a salesperson being able to verbally transport a prospect into the world of a print rendering are all but dead. Sharing flat digital renderings with carefully crafted web copy is better, but sadly, still not enough.


3D digital renderings have become industry standard while 360 degree images and videos are quickly catching up. Virtual Reality walkthroughs are increasing in quality every single day. Augmented Reality is turning novelties – like using a tablet to overlay a completed and landscaped building onto an excavated pit – into expectations.

What tools are you using for your current project? What will you use for your next build?


5. You feel a hopeless sense of envy towards the competition


Nobody wants to admit to feeling a little petty jealousy when a competitor nails branding and rockets ahead in sales. But there it is, staring you in the face when you do a quick search to see how you rank in your market.

Watching competitors glide ahead, seemingly effortlessly, can be a crushing feeling. The better answer is to BE that developer, the one leading the pack.


All these solutions are surprisingly cost-effective and easy to implement from the developer’s side. There is no need to suffer the above-mentioned frustrations in the long term.


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