Architects look at a holographic building with Microsoft Hololens

AR for Construction Trades & Augmented BIMfinity

We’ve already trumpeted the massive benefits of fusing BIM data with spatial computing. The result is smart buildings that operate efficiently and predict maintenance as long as they stand, hence the term BIMfinity.


Today, we’re looking at something more specific though, bringing a laser focus onto one aspect of using BIM data via AR during construction. Augmented Reality for trades is a fantastic tool to keep multiple subcontractors on the same page during a new build, regardless of its size or scope.


AR from the Ground Up


From a single detached home to a multi-tower high rise complex, all builds require different trades to work both independently and alongside each other. Being able to keep these skilled professionals working accurately and efficiently is critical to getting the job done right and on time.


Augmented Reality can put all the data they need, front and centre, in real time. And hardware like smartglasses means workers can toggle data and specs on or off any surface or item as needed. No more chasing down a foreman or consulting sheet after sheet of blueprints.


Woman wears Microsoft HoloLens headset while looking at holograms at a construction site

SketchUp Viewer on Microsoft HoloLens


AR for Investors & Stakeholders


Apply your BIM data and 3D visualizations one more way while you build and produce real time completion projections as needed. Next time you bring an investor or stakeholder on a site tour, all you need to bring is your tablet. With a swipe of your finger, easily demonstrate the incorporation of necessary changes to show exactly what the finished product will look like.


Using AR technology during your build is also a simple (yet elegant) method of showing your partners and customers that your firm is forward thinking and committed to excellence.



AR for Early Marketing


All new developments require marketing collateral and AR earns its paycheque in this respect as well. Use the same structural data and 3D visualizations that guide construction trades to help your sales and marketing team launch beautifully effective campaigns.



Hand your visualization and 3D tour content off to remote sales people too. A virtual tour can take place anywhere now with the same technology that powered your trades team.



AR for Ongoing Maintenance


Training tradespeople in the use of Augmented Reality technology has lasting benefits beyond any one build. Incorporating AR knowledge into every construction trades toolkit enhances all these industries over time, ensuring that the professionals who maintain these smart structures come to the job already equipped with the tech experience they need.


Stambol’s spatial computing specialists have the architectural expertise to help your construction trade business transition to using AR on site, in real time. Reach out to ask us just how easy it is to make the change.


Image Credit: Microsoft Hololens with Trimble (Sketchup Viewer App)